Why is Syria launching a space program during a civil war? | The Verge

Why is Syria launching a space program during a civil war? | The Verge.

Al-Assad is creating a space agency in the middle of their civil war? Seriously? I’m not going to pretend to be an expert on the situation in Syria, but this seems absurd to me. Over 140,000 people have been killed in the last three years. Sounds like a GREAT time to start a space agency. Yes, one day Syria will probably no longer be in the middle of a civil war. Yes, one day a space agency may be a positive for their people and economy. However, after refusing to step down from power and murdering your own citizens for a couple of years, why don’t you use these funds, resources, and time on rebuilding your devastated country and economy instead of this silly dream.

Klinsmann speaks out on Dempsey’s suspension

Klinsmann speaks out on Dempsey’s suspension.

Listen, Jurgen…

I’m really starting to come around on you on certain things, but you really need to just shut up about this. Is persistent fouling by defenders going uncalled a problem in soccer worldwide? Yes. Yes, it is. Is this an excuse for Clint Dempsey to swing his hand in the direction of another man’s balls and strike them? No. Nothing excuses this. Dempsey’s lucky he only received two games.

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